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Frequently asked questions


Hong Kong is a place with many attractions and places to visit. Some of the advantages of hiring a private tour are: enjoying Hong Kong at your own pace accompanied by a certified guide who lives on site and speaks your language, taking a tour with an itinerary tailored to your preferences, needs, hours and tastes; having the possibility of taking away any type of doubts that arise at the moment and receiving practical advice before, during and after the tour.

Of course!

If you choose to take a private tour, your tour will be personalized and flexible. If you have any specific interest do not hesitate to request it. Our private tours are designed with itineraries inspired by the tastes, interests and needs of each person to travel with maximum comfort.

If you choose a group tour, the tours are designed to get to know the most important things in the city in a short time. Our group tours are the best way to make the most of the time with fixed and varied routes, to visit all corners of Hong Kong with less budget. Group tours are only offered in Spanish.

Our mission is that each experience is an excellent memory. We are known for providing an excellent quality service, with great warmth and personalized advice during all stages of the trip.

You will find the itineraries of the tours under the description of each one. You can also download our brochure by clicking on this link.

Of course!

Each of our private tours is designed exclusively for you to contemplate the interests of each person.

If you choose the group tour option and the attraction of your interest is not included in the itinerary, we can give you tips on how to visit it after the tour.

Private tours in Hong Kong and Macau are offered in Spanish, Portuguese or English.

Group tours are offered in Spanish only.

Private tours last from 3 to 8 hours (or even more hours). As each tour is exclusive and personalized, the duration will vary according to the preferences and needs of each person.

Group tours last from 4 to 7 hours depending on the chosen tour. The duration of each is specified in the tour details.

Yes. Our group tours Hong Kong, Kowloon, Lantau and our Night tour are designed to get to know the most important things in the city in a few hours and with less budget.

If you want to know more details about their itineraries, duration, price and availability, visit the group tours section.

Remember that our tour groups are offered in Spanish only.

Yes. We offer private tours in Macau in Spanish, Portuguese or English.

For more information on prices, itineraries, availability and reservations visit the Tours in Macao section.

Unfortunately, our group tours are not wheelchair/stroller friendly. This is because the routes we take involve going up and down some slopes, using stairs, and traveling on some transports that are not wheelchair accessible.

If you are in a wheelchair or have a baby stroller, please consider taking a private tour available as a walking tour or car tour), and we will design a route for you that is suitable for your needs.

All of our Hong Kong tours are kid-friendly. That said, our group tours in Hong Kong are not wheelchair or stroller-friendly, so if you are bringing children with you, they do need to be old enough to walk and to be in a group environment for the duration of the tour

If you have young children please book a Private Tour rather than a Group Tour. Children aged 11 years and under do not pay for the tour guide service on our Hong Kong Private Tours.

We do not visit any such shops on any of our Hong Kong tours. We do not take commissions from any store or restaurant. If you do want to do some shopping we are happy to make recommendations for you but we do not ever take you into any shops unless you specifically ask.

Of course!

We have countless clients who live in Hong Kong and take our tours. For many it is a way to get acquainted with Hong Kong when they have recently moved here or even when they have lived here for many years and want to know other places.


Reservations are made through the reservation button next to each tour details. You just have to choose the desired date, the number of participants, complete the form with your contact information and make the payment. We offer immediate confirmation.

If you need to book a tour for a larger group we can get in contact by email to manage the details of the tour and the corresponding payment.

Our private tours have no minimum or maximum number of participants. We carry out private tours for both solo travelers and groups of all sizes.

Our group tours require a minimum of 4 participants. In case of not reaching that number, we will contact you 48 hours before the tour and offer different alternatives.

Whether it is a sunny day or a rainy day, we will enjoy the tour anyway!

Tours will be canceled or rescheduled due to weather issues only in case of the following alerts issued by the Hong Kong Observatory:
• Rain alert: red or black category
• Typhoon alert: category 8 or higher

For more information about the climate in Hong Kong please check this link.

We do not make discounts, the prices are fixed and they are the best prices that we can offer with the best quality service.


If you choose a private tour, we will coordinate a meeting place according to your preferences. Some options are the place where you are staying (most frequent option), the cruise terminal, airport or an MTR station next to the starting point of the suggested itinerary so we can maximize our time together. At the end of the tour, we will accompany you back, give directions on how to return on your own or go to another place of your interest.

In the case of choosing a group tour, our starting and ending point has already been established and is indicated in the description of each tour.

Private tours are offered using public or private transport. The most popular option is to take the tour by combining walking tours with different public transport, the most practical, fast and efficient way to travel in Hong Kong, an attraction In itself! Whatever the duration of the tour, being a private and personalized tour, we always adapt the tour to the rhythm and needs of the group.The objective of our tour is to make it enjoyable, therefore you should not worry thinking that a walking tour will be exhausting. We remind you that the cost of transportation (public or private) is not included in the price of the private tour, unless it is explicitly specified in your purchase voucher.

Group tours are done on foot and using different means of public transport. Depending on each tour, we will use the subway (MTR), double-decker buses, minibuses, and iconic Hong Kong transports such as the Star Ferry, Ding Ding Tram electric tram, and Ngong Ping cable car. The cost of public transportation that we will use during the group tour is included in the tour price.

The most important thing is to be comfortable. You will find people dressed in different styles depending on where we go and generally no one will pay attention to your clothes. We recommend that you wear comfortable walking shoes. In summer we recommend that you bring a thin coat to cover you in places where the air conditioning is very cold. Tsz Shan monastery is the only place where it is mandatory for both men and women to cover their shoulders and knees.

In the rainy months (May to September) it is advisable to have an umbrella on hand. A bottle of water always comes in handy, but don’t worry, you’ll find plenty of places to shop along the way.

The cost of food, drinks and transportation is not included in the price of the tours, unless it is explicitly specified in your purchase voucher. For example, group tours, shore excursions and airport layovers do include the cost of transport.

The cost of tickets is also not included in the price of the tour because there are generally no tickets requiered to access most attractions in Hong Kong. Temples, gardens and markets do not require an entrance fee. Some exceptions are private attractions like Sky 428 viewpoint at Victoria Peak, Sky100 viewpoint and some of the attractions in Ngong Ping Village (Walking with Buddha, Motion 360, etc).

It is recommended to carry cash in local currency (Hong Kong Dollar) since some businesses, such as street stalls, accept cash only. As for transportation, it is advisable to buy an Octopus Card to save time (and money!).

Hong Kong is an extremely safe place. Carrying an expensive camera or wearing an expensive watch/jewellery will not increase your chances of getting robbed. Even if you are walking around at night time on your own! The only nuisance to be aware of is pickpockets on crowded trains and in busy tourist attractions.

If you have enjoyed the tour with Vive Hong Kong tour and think that the guide has provided a good service it is common practice in Hong Kong to tip. Whilst our guides greatly appreciate gratuities they will NEVER ask for them.

Al participar en un tour de Vive Hong Kong, todos los individuos, grupos, organizaciones, u otros (de ahora en adelante llamados “Participantes”) entienden, reconocen, declaran, garantizan y aceptan lo siguiente:

1. Vive Hong Kong no provee seguro de responsabilidad civil para la protección de los Participantes que participen de los tours o actividades de Vive Hong Kong.
La participación de los Participantes en los tours o actividades de Vive Hong Kong será por cuenta y riesgo exclusivo del Participante. El Participante, en nombre propio o de cualquier persona o entidad, que actúe a través de o en nombre de los participantes, mediante la reserva o participación de un tour y/o actividad de Vive Hong Kong; libera a Vive Hong Kong y sus empleados, de cualquier y todos los reclamos, acciones, daños y perjuicios, responsabilidades, pérdidas, costos y gastos que surjan de, o como resultado de, la participación del Participante en los tours o actividades de Vive Hong Kong, incluyendo, sin limitación, cualquier y todas las reclamaciones, acciones y responsabilidades en caso de muerte, lesiones, pérdidas o daños al participante, o a cualquier otra persona, o de cualquier propiedad, independientemente de que ésta lesión, pérdida o daño fuese causado por la negligencia o conducta dolosa de la empresa o sus empleados. El Participante, en nombre propio o de cualquier persona o entidad, que actúe a través de o en nombre de los participantes, además acuerda defender e indemnizar a Vive Hong Kong, y liberar de cualquier y toda responsabilidad, reclamaciones, acciones, daños, gastos (incluyendo, sin limitación, honorarios de abogados) y perjuicios de cualquier tipo o naturaleza que surja de, o como resultado de, la participación del Participante en las excursiones o actividades.

2. Salud, Condiciones Médicas y Seguro de Accidentes Personales
Con la participación de un tour o actividad de Vive Hong Kong el Participante comprende plenamente y acepta todos los riesgos asociados a su participación, sin limitación, a la exposición a condiciones climáticas desfavorables, enfermedad por ingesta de alimentos, lesiones (por ejemplo: las derivadas de accidentes automovilístico) y muerte.
Con la participación de un tour o actividad de Vive Hong Kong el participante reconoce y declara que se encuentra en buen estado de salud y no sufre de enfermedades graves, discapacidad física o mental que podría hacer al Participante especialmente susceptible a las lesiones o discapacidad durante su participación en un tour o actividad de Vive Hong Kong.
Vive Hong Kong recomienda a todos los participantes a obtener su propio Seguro de Accidentes Personales y Responsabilidad Civil. Vive Hong Kong no proporciona seguro de responsabilidad civil para la protección de los participantes que pueden participar en sus tours y actividades.

3. Política de Fotos y Filmaciones 
Vive Hong Kong se reserva el derecho de tomar fotografías y filmaciones de los Participantes durante los tours y actividades y de utilizar el material de cualquier manera que considere apropiada, incluyendo pero no limitado a su página web, redes sociales y en los materiales promocionales.

4. Política de uso de contenido y materiales de Vive Hong Kong
Notas, fotografías, imágenes y otros materiales suministrados a los participantes que toman parte en un tour y/o actividad de Vive Hong Kong en formato impreso, electrónico o en cualquier otro formato, es propiedad personal de Vive Hong Kong, y no debe ser reproducido en su totalidad o en parte, o distribuido a cualquier tercero, en cualquier forma, sin la autorización expresa por escrito de Vive Hong Kong.

5. Política de la página web
Vive Hong Kong no garantiza que los servidores que hacen posible esta página web estén libre de errores o virus. Es responsabilidad suya tomar las medidas adecuadas para la protección contra este tipo de amenazas. Recomendamos escanear los archivos antes de descargar.
Nada en este sitio debe ser tomado como consejo profesional o como recomendación formal. Vive Hong Kong excluye todas las representaciones y garantías relacionadas con el contenido y uso de esta página web.
En ningún caso Vive Hong Kong será responsable por daños incidentales, indirectos, consecuentes o especiales de ningún tipo, incluyendo, sin limitación, los derivados de la pérdida de ganancias, pérdida de contratos, la buena voluntad, datos, información, ingresos, ahorros o relaciones comerciales, aunque no sean advertido de la posibilidad de tales daños, que surja de o en conexión con el uso de este sitio web o cualquier sitio web vinculado.
El material en este sitio web, incluyendo textos e imágenes, está protegido por la ley de derechos de autor y es copyright de Vive Hong Kong a menos que haya sido especificado lo contrario. No puede ser copiado, reproducido, republicado, descargado, publicado o transmitido en forma alguna, excepto para su uso personal, no comercial.
Para cualquier otro uso de los materiales es necesario el previo consentimiento por escrito de Vive Hong Kong.
Ninguna parte de este sitio puede ser distribuida o copiada para cualquier propósito comercial o ganancia financiera.
Todos los derechos de propiedad intelectual en relación con este sitio web están reservados y son propiedad de Vive Hong Kong.
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6. Variaciones
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